Joe & Jorid - Bozeman Wedding at Weather Rock Barn

Ok guys….so this wedding was A - FLIPPING - MAZING! To start with, Joe and Jorid are seriously the sweetest couple (I know I always say that, but I always mean it!) and have a pretty incredible history. They had to go through some super scary things and come out stronger. Jorid was actually involved in an avalanche and underwent some major injuries. Thank God she had Joe by her side and was able to see true love shining through! Love is a CHOICE during the good times and the bad and that was definitely put to the test! Well… Phew…now that we got the hard stuff out of the way, let’s talk about how gorgeous this day was! It goes without saying, that Weather Rock Barn in Bozeman did not disappoint + all the flowers I was drooling over + every unique centerpiece that had some type of antler/horn incorporated into it that Joe had gotten from many hunting trips (I know my husband would’ve been pretty jealous) + the custom made knives he had done for his groomsmen + the doggie who made her way into the wedding party portraits + the strong Polish accents that I totally was loving. So many thought out and unique touches went into this day so that it screamed their personalities. I even got to eat some antelope and Elk shot by Joe (only in MT right?) and it was pretty dang amazing. And to top off this day of smiles + tears + laughs + dancing, was THE MOST INCREDIBLE SUNSET I think I’ve ever seen. The last pictures of the bunch involved us running up a hill, barely being able to catch our breath, getting to the right spot, and QUICKLY setting up to be able to capture that sky. Which are pictures I have now blasted over social media for a long time now. What a way to end the night! Ah… I just love doing this.

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