Alexa & AJ - Montana Engagement Session

Let me begin by saying how thankful I am for easy going couples like these two! I had told Alexa early on that there was a location at Como Lake in Hamilton, Montana that I was in love with. However, I failed to account for the fact that a lake is MUCH higher in June than August. My bad. So our short little hike that I let them know of in advance, turned into a bit longer of one than we anticipated, on the hunt for that literal "hidden spot." Luckily they had just gotten off of work and AJ kept reassuring me that this was "just a chance to get in nature." And how right he was! Despite my "secret spot" being underwater, the whole area was just so gorgeous and peaceful with not a single person around. (except for my awesome navigator husband and adventurous pup) I'm so glad they continued to trust me and went with whatever spot we stumbled upon. On our way back out, we were greeted with a gorgeous sunset, so of course, my camera came back out and we ended with a bang. Can't wait to shoot their wedding!

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