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Hey!Let's get right down to it! If you are soon to be married and looking for a photographer who will capture the   true, candid and raw emotions between you as a couple and of your wedding day, in addition to those posed "OMG I have to frame this" type pictures, then I think we will be the perfect fit! While I absolutely love those grand and jaw dropping shots with an insane view in the background and your dress flying in the air, I equally love those shots of dad bawling as he walks you down the aisle & Aunt Beth breaking it down on the dance floor. And you want to know a secret? While I am doing my job, I am also right there in the emotion of your day, crying real tears behind the lens. I love what I do because these moments resonate with me on a personal level and it NEVER gets old. His face as you walk down the aisle (or during the first look), mom's tears in the background while she watches her daughter dance with the man she married 40 years ago, seeing your super macho best man get choked up while he reminisces on the times that made you best friends... it's the Moments I want to capture and the memories are what these photos are all about. I want to tell your  story  and pause this time in your life so you can look back on it forever. I love this "job" and I want to celebrate, adventure, laugh and create with you!

Here are some of my favorite real moments! 


Okay.... so we're on the same page and you're thinking, "I can't wait for my big day and totally want every special moment captured in a beautiful way!"
But you're also thinking...
"I have no idea where to start and I'm SO Overwhelmed! "
Well guess what...I can help you with that! I feel like a photographer/wedding professional since I've been to one or two (hundred) in the past.
If you're looking for someone to help you navigate through the crazy, get 
location suggestions, outfit ideas, a timeline created FOR YOU, vendor recommendations and some creative tips along the way, then I'm your girl!  
 I know wedding planning is stressful and
You have a million and one things to do, so...

Let's make this Easy!

Step One
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And of course we all know the biggest question of all...

How Much is this going to cost??

Well, I can help you with that too! And while I could go through the speech of how this is an investment and you won't regret choosing to have quality images taken of such an important day etc. etc., I also totally understand budgets and know that wedding days are crazy expensive. So while I have set packages to help with a good starting point, each one can be customized and changed to fit exactly what is right for you and your day. While elopements typically work best with the 4 hours, here are my standard + intimate wedding day packages!


Wedding Photography




4 hours

(week days only June-October &

within 1.5 hours of missoula)


Full day coverage

drone photos



All packages Include:

Wedding Guide

Customized Timeline

local engagement session

Unlimited amount of edited digital images

Online gallery + store



*Add ons available

Second shooter

drone photos



6 hours


8 hours

Phew, you still with me?
Let's move on to

Step Two
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If I'm available then YAY! Do your happy dance and move onto step three! if I'm not, well darn... but pleaseee still reach out if there's any wiggle room in your date (+ potentially in mine) or if you would still be interested in a session!

Step Three
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Now is the time to tell me all about yourself and exactly what you're looking for! I want to hear engagement stories, wedding day details and why you chose me. I want to build a relationship with my clients and walk away from your wedding day as friends. Let's keep this casual and not too "business-like." So get on your comfy pants, grab a coffee and Spill it all! (The details...not the coffee)

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